Preview: Ritual Howls, Caldwell/Tester, and White Wax


Be sure to stop by the State Street Pub if you’re in Indianapolis this Friday. At 9:00 pm, the bar and music venue will present a show that includes one local band, one from California and another stopping by from Michigan.

A night of unconventional rock

Ritual Howls, a musical trio from Detroit, Michigan, will be headlining the show on Friday night. They play a unique style of industrial rock with death-jangle guitars, and weave a tapestry of darkness with a pop backbone.

While their tunes are upbeat, dark, and introspective, their lyrics dip appropriately into macabre tales reminiscent of writers Lovecraft or Poe in their tone. Ritual Howls consists of vocalist and guitarist Paul Bancell, bassist Ben Saginaw, and Chris Samuels providing synth, samples, and drum machine beats.

Ritual Howls’ most recent EP, “Their Body,” was released earlier this month. Their stop in Indianapolis is one of many on a tour promoting it. You can find out more about the band and their music by visiting their website.

Playing with Ritual Howls on Friday night are the L.A.-based electronic duo Caldwell/Tester. Consisting of members Landon Caldwell and Mark Tester, the band creates ambient, atmospheric journeys with heavy hardware. While they haven’t released any full-length albums, Caldwell/Tester do have several live recordings of their performances. Their music seems like more of an exploration of sound, while also challenging conventional ideas of songwriting with experimentation. You can listen to Caldwell/Tester on Bandcamp.

The last band performing at the State Street Pub on Friday is White Wax. This local Indianapolis trio consists of band members Tony Beemer, Nate Gonzales, and Michael Carter. White Wax specializes in making experimental and improvisational music using wild synths and heavy bass as their main sounds. Fans of both kraut rock and psychedelic music will find kindred spirits in White Wax. To learn more about White Wax, you can find them on Facebook.



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