Good filthy fun: Vamos and Dirtbike at the State Street Pub

Newsflash, brothers and sisters! Chicago pop punk band Vamos and local act Dirtbike will play the State Street Pub Oct. 3rd.

You know, there are times that a venue just matches its performers  perfectly. While this can be by design, and usually is, the best results tend to emerge from the accidental. CGBG, for example, debuted as a blues and country joint, but instead became the nerve center for punk in NYC. Likewise, the State Street Pub started as a neighborhood dive bar, but morphed into an indie venue like no other. The SSP is intimate, unafraid to show its rougher edges and fun.

And on Oct. 3, the SSP welcomes two bands who slip into its atmosphere like hand in glove. Namely, Vamos and Dirtbike.

A word, or three, on their respective sounds. Vamos describes themselves as a mix of dark garage and pop punk, and they certainly do fit the bill. However, there is also a classic (Ramones, Sex Pistols et. al.) punk component to their sound as well. It’s a powerful brew, and wouldn’t be out of place at CGBG back in the day. Indeed, Vamos brings all the fuzz, distortion, and atonality a person could want, and they bring it big.


Dirtbike is a horse of a different color. At broadest, their sound resembles a mixture of post-punk and garage rock. Indeed, their percussion section especially brings to mind Joy Division’s accented drumming, but the comparison ends there. Lyrically, the two couldn’t be farther apart with Dirtbike’s sexually-charged lyrics contrasting JD’s poetic despair. Likewise, Dirtbike’s rough, garage tones run counter to the slick production of most post-punk acts. Regardless, their sound is unique and the State Street Pub is just the place for them to play.

So, the venue is the State Street Pub. Doors  open at 9:00 p.m.

I shall see you there.


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