Gina Rodriguez’s production shines light on immigration


“Jane the Virgin” star Gina Rodriguez is currently working on multiple series centered on Latinos, according to Deadline. The shows specifically focus on immigrants’ experiences while in America. Rodriguez’s I Can and I Will productions are collaborating with networks like CW and CBS to bring both shows to life. The production team includes writer and producer Dailyn Rodguriez and actor Rafael Agustin.

Agustin will be writing and producing “Illegal.” The series is currently in development with the CW. It is a one-hour drama and comedy show about how Agustin’s high school experience is changed when he discovers his illegal status.

In an interview with Remezcla, Agustin mentions how he wants to take America through “the journey that even I went through of how this word was so freely and openly used to define a group of people in the late 90s in particular when this started to come to the forefront with undocumented students. And how those words are specifically designed to silence us.”

Past shows like “Ugly Betty,” “Jane the Virgin,” and “East Los High” have demonstrated immigrants in their storylines as well. Agustin explains how in Trump’s America, it’s way too important for the subject to just be a B-plot.

Another production taking place is Rodguriez’s “Have Mercy.” “George Lopez,” “Ugly Betty,” and “90210” are productions Darlyn Rodguriez has experience with. The show, bought by CBS, is a medical drama similar to the German series, “Dr. Immigrant.” Rodguriez’s production involves a Latina doctor traveling to Miami to start her practice, but has to start as a nurse’s assistant. The female protagonist takes a risk by opening her own alternative clinic in her home.

Rodguriez is not one to hide her support for immigrants. Many of her fans have given her positive feedback after the announcement of the shows’ production. With Rodguriez producing and directing, the shows will make a difference to how Latinos are in the entertainment business.


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