Folk trio Joseph to play the Hi-Fi

Folk pop band Joseph, comprised of the three Closner sisters, is coming to play the Hi-Fi this Wednesday.

This prompts a question on my part: What is it about folk music that attracts sibling acts? The Carter Family, the Everly Brothers, the Wainwright Sisters, Pete Seeger’s merry bunch. The list just goes on. Could it be because folk songs are something that families grow up with? This is certainly true of the early folk acts, who often just performed the songs they’d learned as children. Perhaps it’s the nature of folk songs themselves, that strong theme of family present in so many of them. Regardless of why, folk and family often weave together a tapestry of tradition. Which is great for the rest of us, because we get some sweet music. Like Joseph.

 About Joseph

Hailing from Portland, Oregon (home of the Decemberists) the Closner sisters grew up surrounded by music. And really, with a jazz singer father and a theater teacher mother, how could they not? Moreover, with Portland’s thriving indie scene, music would have likely been inescapable, anyway.

initially, the eldest Closner pursued a career as a singer-songwriter. But, after a little inspiration, she wound up recruiting her younger sisters. After christening themselves Joseph, they grabbed their start in 2014 with a self-released EP, “Native Dreamer Kin.” That, and a series of intimate club shows, brought them into the public eye. Since debuting their first single on NPR and after an appearance on “Late Show with Jimmy Fallon,” they have yet to slow down.

Sound of Joseph

Musically, Joseph makes good use of the usual folk motifs. Like their shimmering harmonies, which soar over chiming guitars and soft percussion. Or the steady, marching beat which propels each song along. Solid music. Also, since it pays to have range, Joseph’s catalogue contains everything from surging folk anthems to soft ballads. A wide repertoire, sure to satisfy. I mean, what’s good enough for Jimmy Fallon ought to be good enough for the rest of us right? Right. Maybe. Probably.

So, the venue is the Hi-Fi. Doors open at 8:00 p.m. I shall see you there.


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