Flamingo Nosebleed, The Cryptics and others bring classic punk to The Brass Rail


The Brass Rail in Fort Wayne, Indiana is solidifying its reputation as the place to find punk and hardcore music. Tuesday, Sept. 26 the club will feature Battalion of Saints, Nobodys, The Cryptics and local punk band, Flamingo Nosebleed.

About The Brass Rail

For at least two decades, The Brass Rail has been host to a number of hardcore and punk bands. Except in the past, Fort Wayne’s punk and hardcore scene seemed to be an underground enterprise endorsed and promoted by the youth contingent, and few interested others.

Now, however, the names are bigger and so are the crowds. Tuesday’s show will feature four punk/hardcore bands from different regions of the U.S., including Fort Wayne. The show will start at 9 p.m., and the doors will open at 8 p.m.

Flamingo Nosebleed

The band lists their hometown as “Fort Waste.” The derogatory moniker dates back at least to the mid-1990s. Fort Wayne’s sits on three rivers–the sanitation of which has been suspect, but lately addressed. The name could derive from the environmental shame, or it could come from the idea that the city has not always seemed open to cultural development. Although with Middle Waves and other festivals, maybe that is changing, too. Or, maybe the name is just fun to say.

However they describe the city they call home, Flamingo Nosebleed is serious punk. Serious as in loud chords and thundering drums. The band’s motto is “3 dudes, 3 chords headbanging on a mission to turn your brain to mush!”

From the sounds of things, Flamingo Nosebleed is poised to do just that. They cite The Ramones and The Queers among their influences. The band formed in 2008.  The power trio is comprised of Jake Emissions on vocals and guitar, Phil on bass, and Mad Mike on drums. In the band’s early days, Flamingo Nosebleed underwent a number of personnel changes. The current lineup was achieved in 2010. But the lineup seems solid now, and the sound is perfect for punk fans.

As a relatively new band, Flamingo Nosebleed have only two albums to their credit that I could find. The first is 2011’s “Headbanger,” and the second is 2013’s “Blood on the Basement Floor.” In addition, their song, “Nosebleed” appears on the compilation “Punk Rock America Vol. 1.”

Flamingo Nosebleed’s sound is probably best described as break stuff punk. That is what I thought of when I heard songs like “Quit Everything,” “Shred,” “Freedom,” and “Brain Surgery.”

Depending on the song, audiences can hear traces of Minor Threat, Dead Kennedys, The Migraines and Offspring in Flamingo Nosebleed. “Quit Everything” by Flamingo Nosebleed reminds me of Minor Threat. The lyrical delivery and the song length add up to a “Straight Edge” feel.

Battalion of Saints, Nobodys, and The Cryptics

In addition to Flamingo Nosebleed, the night will be filled with the sounds of Battalion of Saints, Nobodys, and The Cryptics. Battalion of Saints formed in San Diego in 1980. The band actually broke up in 1985, but re-formed in 1995. The new lineup includes a single guitar player, Ronnie Shivers, instead of two. The band has two albums to its credit, but appears on 16 compilations. Battalion of Saints sounds like music for the mosh pit. It is brutal and unforgiving–there is screaming, and a nimble bass to break of parts of short, angry tunes. They also do an admirable cover of Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades.”

New Hampshire-based The Cryptics appears to have started in 2015. The band is celebrating the second pressing of their “Make Me Digital” album that is only a year old. “Make Me Digital” is only available in-person on their current tour. The band appears at the Brass Rail as part of their “If It Kills Us” tour with Battalion of Saints. The Cryptics have been touring since Sept. 14, and will wrap up this tour in December in Washington D.C.

The Cryptics play with a awe-inspiring energy, and deliver clear lyrics on serious topics. The lacerating chords are present, along with what I have come to refer to as classic punk rock drums. What that means is punk rock drumming that is quite fast and each 16th note is hit just right. Songs like “Suicidal” and “Quiet for a Reason” stand out.

Last but not least, Colorado Springs’ Nobodys, has a recording history that dates back to the mid-1990s. Their last album is called, “Hussy.” Their musical approach could best be described as an attack. Nobodys mixes juvenilia with in-your-face-punk.

Nobodys lists Ron Jeremy among their influences. Simple lyrics amplified by anthemic shouting, coupled with guitar showcases and metronome drumming  form the basis of Nobodys’ sound. Songs like “She Moved to Denver,” and “Roommates” are good examples of what Nobodys has to offer.

The Brass Rail is hosting a night of punk rock that demonstrates the subtle differences in the genre. It should prove to be a night that is both loud and memorable.





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