Randy Travis tries to block release of DUI arrest


It’s been just over five years since country music great, Randy Travis, was arrested for a DUI. However, he’s still dealing with the aftermath of that one mistake. Now, the singer is trying to block the release of that video to the public. Travis recently filed a lawsuit against Texas officials who want to release the video.

Travis’ arrest happened in 2012 when he crashed his vehicle and tried to walk into a convenience store naked. Naturally, due to the sensitive nature of the video, Travis hopes to keep it out of the hands of the public if possible.

This isn’t the first time Travis has been in court over the video. Travis first took his case to Texas courts, where judges ruled that the those wishing to release the tape could do so. However, they did stipulate that the video must not show anything below the waist.

Now, Travis is taking his case to even higher courts. He filed a federal lawsuit to hopefully reverse the decision. According to TMZ, Travis is arguing that releasing the video would be the same as releasing personal medical information. At the time, Travis was “exhausted, intoxicated and medicated.”

Travis had a lot going on the year of his arrest. He was going through a messy divorce from his wife and already had one arrest for public intoxication. The DUI arrest later that year cemented his troubled year and led to problems the following year as well.

In 2013, Travis suffered a stroke and can no longer care for himself on his own. Currently, he travels in a wheelchair and can only say a few words at a time. On Sept. 16, the singer appeared on a stage in his hometown of Marshville, North Carolina. While he only said four words to the crowd, he received a very warm welcome from fans.

His stroke is another issue his federal lawsuit addresses. According to Wide Open Country, the lawsuit states that the release of the video would be unfair because Travis is in no position to defend his actions.


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