Randy Rogers Band releases new single “Meet Me Tonight”


If you are looking for a brand-new, yet classic sounding, country song to fall in love with, look no further than Randy Rogers Band’s new single, “Meet Me Tonight.” The song is all about pining for a lost love and yearning to be near her once more.

The song’s slow melody and steel guitar have everything you would hope for in a good country song. Plus, Rogers has the type of voice that fits perfectly with old-time country music. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Rogers talked about the background of the song.

“‘Meet Me Tonight’ is simply a love song,” he said. “Unfortunately for our fellow in the song–his lover is long gone. She only exists in the memories trapped inside his head.”

So, sadly we can’t hope to see a reconciliation in the future for the subjects of this song. But, the storyline makes for one heck of a music video.

The Randy Rogers Band got their start back in the year 2000.   Rogers sings lead vocals, but he has several bandmates join him. Geoffrey Hill joins him on guitar, Jon Richardson plays bass guitar, Brady Black is on the fiddle and Les Lawless takes the drums. The group has been together since the beginning.

All in all,  Rogers and crew have completed eight albums as a band. The newest came out in 2016. With each of the eight albums, The Randy Rogers Band stays true to their roots, pumping out one great country song after another. In some of the songs, other country artists, like Sunny Sweeny, join them.

But, if you really want to get a feel for what the band is all about, you will want to catch them live on one of their many tour dates this year. The band is touring until the middle of November, so make sure you catch one of the dates. Learn more about the dates, here.


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