Nikki Lane releases throwback video for “Send the Sun”


Nikki Lane is a singer-songwriter from Greenville, South Carolina. Currently, she has three albums, “Walk of Shame,” “All or Nothin’,” and “Highway Queen.” She released her debut album in 2011 and her second in 2014. Her latest album, by far her most successful, sold over 8,000 copies and made it onto the US Country charts this year.

Lane is back with a brand new video for her latest single “Send the Sun.” The single is off her third LP, “Highway Queen,” that she released earlier this year. The video for this single is a fun one. It’s a throwback to country music of the 1960s. In fact, according to EW, Lane worked with her partner to create a video similar to Pete Drake’s “Forever.”

“[Jonathan] began pulling up references of old videos and we settled on a scene from Pete Drake’s ‘Forever,'” Lane said in an interview with EW. “What took place was a fun and organic event. We built the set by hand in an old Masonic Temple in Asheville, North Carolina, and then we all hopped into costume. [It’s] maybe my favorite video we’ve made yet, and a perfect match for my favorite song.”

What came of the collaboration was a wonderful video paired with an even better tune. Lane did so well with the music, that she even received the support of some big-name country music stars.

Lane has a voice, sound and look very similar to the great Loretta Lynn. She seems to channel an older era of country music that works with her style. Her songs are really easy to listen to and enjoy. Lane also makes music videos that are fun to watch, and that help audiences get into the story of her songs.

Hopefully, we will see a lot more out of Lane soon.


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