Nike celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with a new sneaker collection release


The sports gear brand, Nike is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with a release of some uniquely styled sneakers. Los Primeros Collection, the name of the line, features four artists and their re-creations of some of Nike’s classic sneakers. It includes the Nike Air Force 1, the Nike Cortez, the Nike Air Max 1, and the Nike Air Jordan 1. The designs on each sneaker incorporate different aspects of each designers’ culture.  

The first shoe to be released is Chilean artist, Wasafu’s Air Max 1. The inspiration for the design is the Ona people of Patagonia. The Ona migrated through unforgiving conditions while searching for better opportunity and hope. The shoe features red and white grid stripes– a representation of the self-expression the Ona people had through ceremonial body paint. The Air Max 1 is currently available for $150.

INTI, a Chilean artist, takes control of the Nike Cortez. Based on inspiration of the vibrant art life in Chile, he turns the classic shoe purple. He also adds a variety of patchwork and symbols to the shoe that represents the variety of Latin cultures. The designs uniting in the shoe represent the different cultures coming together. The release date for the Cortez will be Sept. 22. Nike Cortez will retail for $100.

The Nike Air Force 1 is re-designed by Mexico City native, Saner. The shoe has jaguar detailing all over it with a face on the back heel. The print goes with the pre-historic theme of the shoe and the significance of jaguars. The animal holds the power of survival during life and death and “destroys our masks and egos…” The redesigned Air Force 1 drops on Oct. 6 and retails for $150.

The last shoe from the collection is Brailizan artist Pomb’s Air Jordan 1, available on Oct. 13 for $160. The Jordans are a walking work of art with the shoe’s inclusion of street murals. Celebrating Latino roots (history, richness and diversity) is the inspiration for the shoes is to show who we are today as an ethnicity. The common Brazilian phrase, “é Tudo Nosso,” which means “it’s all ours: mines and yours,” further inspires Pomb as he looks to push the Latino community to never give up on their dreams and keep doing it without hesitation.

The collection is a great way for Nike to reflect the commitment and passion of members of their Latino and Friends Employee Network. The idea of the collection is definitely one of a kind.


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