The Jimi Hendrix RE-Experience: Kiss The Sky at The Vogue


The Vogue in Broad Ripple will be the place to be next Friday night, when Kiss the Sky comes through on their Jimi Hendrix tribute tour.

Kiss The Sky is a thoroughly dedicated group of individuals committed to bringing the most authentic performance to the stage. They pride themselves on capturing both the look and sound of Jimi Hendrix’s bands from Band of Gypsies to The Experience.

The front man of Kiss The Sky is guitar virtuoso Jimy Bleu, who holds the record of being the longest Hendrix tribute artist in the world at over 45 years. Bleu has dedicated his life to paying tribute to the man remembered as one of the greatest and most revolutionary guitarists of all time. Like Hendrix himself, Bleu is also a left-handed guitarist, and is capable of performing the same amazing stunts of playing behind his back, between the legs, and with his teeth. While a quite capable guitarist and performer, Bleu is also a Hendrix historian. He has given lectures on radio, TV, and college campuses on Hendrix’s life, as well as his musical, spiritual, and political importance.

Bleu has several different sets of band members to fill in accordingly, depending on which concert Kiss The Sky is recreating. This allows them to recreate a number of Hendrix’s most famous concerts, including the famous Woodstock performance of 1969. During their performances, Kiss The Sky uses authentic replicas of 1960’s-era instruments and gear. These include Marshall amps, Ludwig drums, Fender guitars, as well as all of the effects pedals used by Hendrix. They also perform in full 1960’s wardrobes that are custom made to replicate the outfits Jimmy and his bands wore.

If you’re like me, and are young enough to never have had the opportunity to see Jimi Hendrix play live, Kiss The Sky promises to be the next best thing. The show starts next Friday, Sept. 29 at The Vogue at 8:00 p.m. I know I’ll be there.

For more information on the Hendrix tribute band Kiss The Sky, you can visit their webpage.



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