Brent Cobb releases new single, “Ain’t a Road Too Long”


Brent Cobb may have just released his debut album last year, but he’s already getting new music out to his fans. With the release of his “Ain’t a Road Too Long” single, the singer-songwriter is trying to do something he failed to do with his first album–create a country funk sound.

According to Rolling Stone, that was exactly the sound Cobb and his cousin Dave Cobb, who produced the record, were going for. However, they wound up making more of a singer-songwriter album, instead. Now, Cobb is going back to his roots, and it sounds like he accomplished his mission with the new song.

The song has a strong soul sound and funky beat that is easy on the ears. It’s an enjoyable song to listen to. We can only hope that Cobb will continue with this type of music in the future.

Cobb got his start by becoming friends with Luke Bryan. Cobb’s cousin was already a producer in the business and an acquaintance of Bryan. It was Bryan that convinced Cobb to move to Nashville to pursue a music career.

We are certainly glad that he did because the music Cobb creates is phenomenal. Along with being a fantastic singer-songwriter, Cobb writes  songs for other country music stars. Kenny Chesney and Miranda Lambert, in addition to Bryan, are just a few of the stars who perform songs penned by Cobb.

Shortly after moving to Nashville, Cobb started opening for some famous acts. Cobb started touring with the likes of Blake Shelton and Sara Evans. He then became the opening act for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s latest tour. Soon, he will head out on tour with Chris Stapleton. Check out the dates you can catch the singer live, here.

Recently, the singer-songwriter was honored for his achievements in Nashville when he was asked to perform his new single at the Americana Honors & Awards ceremony. He was also up for an award himself– the Emerging Artist of the Year Award. We can only expect to see more of this rising star in the days to come.


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