Monday Night is Punk Night at The Melody Inn


This Monday at The Melody Inn will feature a special visit by touring punk bands Battalion of Saints, Nobodys, and The Cryptics.

Battalion of Saints is a hardcore punk rock band from San Diego that formed in 1980. They got their start playing live punk shows in southern California. During their early years, the band went through several lineup changes before touring the U.S. in 1984. In 1985 Battalion of Saints split up, only to be reformed ten years later. The band currently consists of Matt Vicknair, Nathan Javier, Mike Vega and George Anthony. Battalion of Saints’ released their most recent album, Self Titled 7″, in 2015, and is currently on a three-month U.S. tour. For more information on Battalion of Saints, visit their Bandcamp page.

Joining Battalion of Saints on Monday night will be Nobodys. Not to be confused with the one-hit wonder, new wave group of the 80’s by the same name, Nobodys are a punk rock group from Colorado Springs, Colorado.  In 1996 they released their debut album, Short Songs for Short Attention Spans. The band attributes its influences to pornography and Ramones-style punk rock. In 2001, the band released another album, Less Hits More Tits. The current lineup for the Nobodys includes JJ Nobody, Randy the Kid, Steve Bauer, and Adam Huscher. You can find out more about the Nobodys on Facebook.

The final group playing at the Melody Inn Monday night will be The Cryptics, another pop-punk/hardcore band, this one from Dover, New Hampshire. In 2013, they released their debut album, Continuous New Behavior, following it up with their second, Make Me Digital, in 2016. The Cryptics consists of band members Tino Valpa (vocals), Taylor Beckemeyer (guitar), Anthony Calderone (bass), and Andy Mattern (drums). For more information on The Cryptics, you can visit their site.

So there you have it, another punk night for all the hardcore kids out there. The show starts Monday, September 25th at 7:00pm.  Don’t miss it.


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