Three metal-core bands Thursday at The Hoosier Dome


This Thursday, Kublai Khan takes the stage at The Hoosier Dome. Joining them will be No Zodiac and Left Behind. The show starts at 6:00 p.m., and will be one that’s sure to attract some moshers and other hardcore fanatics. I won’t promise there’ll be a mosh pit, but the only way to know for sure is if you attend.

Kublai Khan is an energetic and aggressive metal-core band from north Texas. Their four-piece group includes members Matt Honeycutt (vocals), Nolan Ashley (guitar/vocals), Eric English (bass), and Isaac Lamb (drums). They released their first EP, “Youth War” in 2010, and their first full-length album, “Balancing Survival and Happiness,” in 2014. Just one year later, they put out their second album, “New Strength.” In 2017, Kublai Khan signed with Rise Records, and will be releasing their third studio album,┬áNomad, by the end of September. You can visit their site here.

No Zodiac formed in 2009 in Chicago, Illinois. After releasing multiple demos, EP’s, and full-length albums, the band uprooted to Phoenix, Arizona, losing all of its previous members save for drummer Erik Bartow. Their music is very much ‘doom’ metal, featuring deep, rough screaming from vocalist Rolo Hernandez, thrashing and distorted guitar riffs, and constant, driving drums from Bartow. You can listen to No Zodiac on Bandcamp.

The final band playing at The Hoosier Dome on Thursday night will be Left Behind. The band describes themselves as belonging to the sub-genre of “Nu Metal/Hardcore” music. Hailing from Charleston, West Virginia, the band put out their first album, “Death, Take Me,” in 2013. In a review of their most recent album, “Seeing Hell,” Left Behind were described at as, “…an interesting band with a sound that is somewhat difficult to describe.”

So if metal-core and thrashing heads issuing death growls is your thing, don’t miss out on the show at the Hoosier Dome Thursday night.





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