Sunday, Sept. 24, Penny & Sparrow at The Hi-Fi


This Sunday, Sept. 24 at 7:30pm, Penny & Sparrow will play at The Hi-Fi. Joining them will be folk duo, Lowland Hum.

Two folk duos bare their souls

Penny & Sparrow are  an indie folk, singer/songwriter duo consisting of members Andy Baxter and Kyle Jahnke. The two formed their group in 2011 as roommates at the University of Texas, Austin. Two years later, they released their debut album, “Tenbloom,” which showed their sound expanding from the simple acoustic arrangements of their conception. Their second album, “Struggle Pretty,” included orchestral arrangements, adding a new layer to their evolving sound.

The positive reception of these two independent releases lead to a deal with the Alabama-based label, Single Lock Records. In 2016, Penny & Sparrow released their third album, “Let a Lover Drown You.” With influences like Iron & Wine, Bon Iver, and Mumford & Sons, Penny & Sparrow strive for music that is honest, intimate, and poignant. Their songs feature sweeping vocal harmonies over lush, expansive arrangements grounded by a constant strumming acoustic guitar. Their newest album, “Wendigo” is out now. You can hear some of Penny & Sparrow’s new songs on their website.

While they seem to share a similar aesthetic, the art-folk duo Lowland Hum craft more minimalist arrangements than Penny & Sparrow. The duo is made up of husband and wife team, Daniel and Lauren Goans. The Goans  formed in 2013 in Charlottesville, North Carolina. Their songs typically feature acoustic and electric guitar, piano, and harmonized vocals. In their lyrics they explore themes of memory, longing, and identity. Since their inception, Lowland Hum has released more than seven EP’s and albums, and are touring to support their most recent, “Thin | B-Sides” EP.

Although at first glance they may seem like just another acoustic indie band, Lowland Hum’s music displays a subtle touch in both songwriting and lyrics. To hear a taste of Lowland Hum, you can visit their website, or Bandcamp page.


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