The Flaming Lips bring “Oczy Mlody” to Indy

The Flaming Lips - Oczy Mlody album cover

This Tuesday, Sept. 19, The Flaming Lips will bring one of their elaborate live shows to the Farm Bureau Insurance Lawn in downtown Indianapolis. Their stop in the crossroads of America comes between a Milwaukee performance Sept.18, and one in Niagara Falls Sept.20.

For those who have yet to encounter them, The Flaming Lips are a unique and eccentric American rock band from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Since forming in 1983 with band members Dave Kostka, Michael Ivins, and Wayne and Mark Coyne, The Lips have released fourteen albums, five collaborations, and one soundtrack. Over the years their lineup changed as they lost old members and gained new ones. Currently, The Lips are comprised of Wayne Coyne, Michael Ivins, Steven Drozd, Derek Brown, Jake Ingalls, Matt Duckworth, and Nick Ley.

Throughout their career, The Flaming Lips have never shied away from experimentation or change, though in each album their essence is unmistakable. Their sound often contains, atmospheric, multi-layered instrumentals reminiscent of psychedelic rock. And Coyne’s vocals always soar above to give a spacey element to their sound.

Lyrically, their compositions follow in the footsteps of Bowie-esque space rock. Their song and album titles mirror this in works such as “Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots,” and “In The Morning of The Magicians.”

During this tour, The Flaming Lips are promoting their most recent album, “Oczy Mlody,” a Polish phrase which means, “eyes of the young.” The meaning behind this obscure title could be related to a collaboration with Miley Cyrus on one of the album’s tracks. Coyne has mentioned before how important his friendship with the young pop star is to him, and how it has affected their music. Cyrus will not be touring with The Lips, as she continues to work on her own projects.

Perhaps one of the things The Flaming Lips are best known for is their elaborate live performances. These sometimes feature confetti, balloons, video projections, light shows, and occasionally, Coyne himself floating above the crowd in a man-sized, plastic bubble. So if you’re looking for an entertaining show on a Tuesday night from one of the most eccentric bands out there, look no further.

You can find The Flaming Lips on their website.


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