A trio of bands bring punk to The Hi-Fi


Punk fans will want to make time tonight to visit The Hi-Fi for a performance from three bands whose names aren’t easy to forget: The Queers, The Ataris, and the Putz.

The Queers formed in 1982 as a pop punk band in New Hampshire. Over the years, they have cycled out some of their members, but singer, guitarist, and songwriter Joe King has remained. With song titles like, “Can’t Stop Farting,” and “Born To Do Dishes,” it’s clear that there’s little these guys take seriously. Their style of punk is heavily influenced by The Beach Boys and The Ramones.

The Ataris were founded in 1996 in Anderson, Indiana. Much like The Queers, The Ataris have changed up their roster throughout the 21 years of their existence. Currently, the band consists of singer and guitarist Kristopher Roe, who has been a part of the band from its beginning, bassist Steve Lucarelli, and drummer Dustin Phillips. The Ataris play genres of music such as pop punk, punk rock, emo, and skate punk. Earlier this year they released a compilation titled, “Silver Turns to Rust,” featuring songs from one previously released album, and one EP. You can find The Ataris on Bandcamp.

The final band playing at The Hi-Fi tonight will be The Putz, the youngest band to perform, having been founded in 2010 in Indianapolis. Although they haven’t been around quite as long as the bands they’ll be sharing the stage with, The Putz has still managed to cultivate a decent following in the Indianapolis area. The band consists of Billy Putz on bass and lead vocals, Dougie Tangent on drums and backing vocals, and Patrick McVey on guitar and backing vocals. They pride themselves on playing fast, loud, and catchy pop punk. Their most recent album, “Clinically Inane,” was released in July this past year, and can be found on their Bandcamp.


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