Emerging Toronto Artists: Drop Top Alibi


Canadian Rock n’ Rollers, Drop Top Alibi, will be launching their debut EP this Saturday at Cherry Cola’s in Toronto.

The band consists of four members, with Brandon Gregory as lead vocalist and guitarist, Dylan Wykes as lead guitar and backup vocals, Luc Ricci on bass, and Anthony Pansino on drums.

According to their website, Drop Top Alibi is “what Rock N Roll has been waiting for.” And, they’re not wrong. They describe their sound as “blending 70’s classic riffs with 80’s soaring vocals,” creating a “tough, wild, sound.”

Yet, how can such young people capture the nuances of 1970s rock? How can they adapt this hard rock genre to make sense in 2017?

It’s apparent in their debut single, “Holding the Gun,” that they take rock seriously. There are hard riffs, electric guitar solos, call and response lyrics, and high-pitched vocals- all the right ingredients for a high-energy rock extravaganza.


DTA has a strong sense of their musical identity; however, this comes with a price. They have set themselves the difficult task of paying homage to the structure and sound of the past, while reinventing it for a contemporary audience.

Gilby Clarke

It’s a difficult balance to strike, but they aren’t navigating these waters alone. Their musical mentor and producer, Gilby Clarke, is a former guitarist from the popular eighties rock band, Guns N’ Roses. Under Clarke’s tutelage, DTA is already off to a great start.

For those that can’t make it for the EP launch at Cherry Cola’s, Drop Top Alibi will also be performing a show, with Gilby Clarke, Thursday September 28 at The Rockpile.

For more information about the EP launch check out the Facebook page here, or The Rockpile show here.

Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with the band after their performance at The Rockpile!



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