Lux Drive plays Sound & Shadow series; links past with present


Fort Wayne, Ind.– Local independent theater, Cinema Center, continues its celebration of silent movies and local bands with its Sound & Shadow series. Next in the series is “Alice in Wonderland” (1915), on Oct. 6-7. Music for the movie will be provided by alternative rock band, Lux Drive.

Brief history of Sound & Shadow

Cinema Center’s Sound & Shadow series has been linking silent movies with local original bands since 2013. The theater’s approach is groundbreaking because it offers a wider audience access to silent movies, while providing a thoughtful crowd for alternative bands.

In Fort Wayne, typically silent movies are played at the Embassy Theater. The venue dates back to the late 1920s, and has an intricately designed Page organ that is played during special performances. Early horror movies with their scores played by an organist are popular events at the Embassy.

But having silent movies scored by local rock bands? That is different, and that is what happens in the Sound & Shadow series.

Lux Drive and Sound & Shadow

Lux Drive is a local three-piece alternative rock band. They have been around for two years and seem to have developed a bit of a following since playing The Brass Rail less than a year ago. The band’s online information details that their influences include retro alternative bands. It will be interesting to see what Lux Drive will do to bring the 102-year old film to life.

The relevance of Lux Drive’s having been chosen to participate in Sound & Shadow is the potential for cultural exchange. Audiences who might not want to see a rock band, but would go see a silent movie, has their perceptions challenged, which is often the purpose of art. The reverse is also true.

The series is also a benefit for Fort Wayne’s art scene. The city’s art scene has grown rapidly in the past decade. However, every new development has the potential to engage broader audiences.

At the very least, a local band gets some exposure, and a classic film is enjoyed by all–a win-win.


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