Flint Eastwood to grace Middle Waves Music Festival stage


Fort Wayne, Ind.–Detroit-native, Jax Anderson, better known as Flint Eastwood, is bringing her brand of urban pop to Fort Wayne, Indiana. She is performing as a part of Middle Waves Music Festival, a two-day celebration of music and other arts in a city striving to redefine itself culturally.

About Flint Eastwood

Although I cannot find the source for it, I am sure there is a funny story behind Anderson’s stage name. It had also been the name of her former band, and when the band broke up, she kept the name.

She is young and unpretentious. Looking at photos of Flint Eastwood there is a sense of whimsy, if such could be applied to contemporary pop with an urban sense. Eastwood seems the embodiment of writer Flannery O’Connor’s “refusal to do pretty,” when she poses for a portrait baring her teeth. She resembles a hissing cat, and maybe that is part of some “keep your distance” type of ethos she wants to put forth.

So much about Flint Eastwood is entertaining before audiences even get to the music. In promotional commercials for Middle Waves, her name is listed shortly after headliners MGMT. But most audiences (those unfamiliar with her) assumed she was a man. After all, her name is a take on that of one of America’s heroes.

Instead, Flint Eastwood is a young woman. On the cover of her new album, “Broke Royalty” she looks well-put together. It is as if she is interested in fashion, but has deeper things to say. It is as though even if her music wasn’t an audience member’s taste, that audience member could still have a good time. Flint Eastwood exudes energy, and people who haven’t heard her, will want to.

Flint Eastwood “Queen”

From the first note I am sold on the sounds of pageantry. The bass heavy beats are nuanced, and Eastwood’s voice doesn’t sound like what I expected it to. Her voice is high and clear. The lyrics are meaningful, considering her Detroit background. The idea of struggle and Eastwood’s lyrics declaring, “‘Cause I’m the queen right here!” pack a lot of meaning. She also states that she’s a “queen, not a soldier.”

Eastwood sings like a boxer fights–relaxed until it is time to hit hard. She sings mellow in the verses, each word an easy jab. At the chorus, her voice is a smidge rough, and her delivery is faster. She sounds like she looks on the album cover, ready to fight. Her pronouncement, “‘Cause I’m the queen right here!” is a jab-hook combination that comes out of nowhere, but scores the winning points.

Flint Eastwood performs at Middle Waves Friday, Sept. 15 at 5 p.m.


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