Anna of the North’s “Lovers” album is an impressive, dream pop fantasy


Norwegian singer Anna Lotterud, better known as her stage name Anna of the North, is gearing up to take dream pop by storm. Her debut album Lovers takes listeners to a fantasy state with its alluring lyricism and drowsy electro beats.

“Someone” explores themes of being saved by a lover but enforces qualities of independence at the same time. “I don’t need to find another lover
I just need someone who understands me,” Lotterud coos on the track in a whimsical blend of vocals and rhythm.

You may recognize Lotterud’s distinctive voice from her first single “Sway,” which was later remixed by The Chainsmokers. Lotterud also more recently collaborated with Tyler, the Creator on his song “Boredom.” 

Title track “Lovers” is sonically the darkest track on the album and lyrically dives into the theme of broken promises. Though it’s a bit darker than the rest, “Lovers” remains hopeful throughout.

“Money” provides a bit of comic relief as it tells the tale of a man whose lover is a gold digger, using him for money.

“Baby” and “Friends” are where Lotterud’s vocals truly shine. They also both happen to be ballads.

Perhaps the most danceable song on the album is “Fire.” It’s club-ready with anthemic-style lyrics built into tropical pop pulses.

Overall, Lotterud’s project Anna of the North is definitely one to watch.

For more from Anna of the North, check out her official website here.

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