Justin Moore heading out on tour


Justin Moore is about to head out on his big headlining tour, “Hell on a Highway.” The tour will take the singer through 40 cities, including Salt Lake City, Utah; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles, California, among others. The opening act for each of these tour dates will be Dylan Scott.

Justin Moore has had a lot of success with his music. Currently, he has six No. 1 hits. He also has four albums of music to draw inspiration from for the dates. Naturally, fans who are attending the shows hope to hear a lot of their favorite music.

Moore has just released a brand-new album, “Kinda Don’t Care,” as well. We will probably hear a lot of the new music along the tour. It was released last year and quickly became Moore’s third album to debut at No. 1.

Some of Moore’s most famous songs include, “If Heaven Weren’t So Far Away,” “Backwoods,” and “Small Town USA.” Moore tends to create music with a strong country sound and avoids adding in a lot of the pop and rock influence we hear a lot of in today’s country music.

This is Moore’s fourth headlining tour since his career began in 2009 with a self-titled debut album. Since that time, Moore has grown his fan base significantly and received several awards. His most recent award was the New Artist of the Year Award at the ACM Awards in 2014. Moore also won awards at the Inspiration Country Music Awards in 2011.

If you want to learn more about Moore’s upcoming tour dates or his latest music, make sure you check out his website.


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