Guns N’ Roses perform unique set at recent show


EDMONTON, Alberta–It was a rare moment when legendary hard rockers Guns N’ Roses decided to perform covers of some classic rock tunes. During their Aug. 30 show at the Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, the band decided to cover classic tracks by both Glen Campbell and James Brown.

“We’re going to play something we’ve never played before”–

-Axl Rose to the audience, Aug. 30

The Show

GNR frontman Axl Rose started off by “warning” the audience. He warned that they were about to do something they hadn’t done before. In true GNR fashion, the band clarified that they didn’t really care whether or not it was your thing, they were just going to do it. They were paying a tribute, and in that moment that’s all that mattered. It was simply something they felt they needed to do. “For Glen,” Rose added at the end of the band’s cover of Campbell’s 1968 hit “Wichita Lineman.” Campbell passed away at the age of 81 on Aug. 8 after a long battle with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Later on in the show, GNR decided to pay tribute to yet another Classic Rock legend. The band then began to cover James Brown’s 1964 hit “I Got You (I Feel Good)” and yes – they killed it.

It’s hard to go wrong with a cover when you’ve got raw passion and talent. Axl Rose absolutely nailed both covers that night. With his inimitable raspy-rock vocals, it’s difficult to expect anything less.

The band’s performance in Edmonton marks one of the final dates in their North American Summer Tour. The tour will be wrapping up in San Antonio on Sept. 8. The band will also be taking a month-long break before returning to the stage this fall.

You can see the unforgettable and soon-to-be musically historic performance for yourself at the start of the article.


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