Eric Church to release live album


Eric Church is planning the release of a live album after spending 61 days touring the country. The album will feature performances from those 61 concerts and will allow fans to relive the shows. Throughout his tour, Church made over 100 live recordings. He will now spend a year releasing those for fans to enjoy.

According to CMT, the first batch of those live recordings was released on Sept 1. Thirty tracks became available through Apple Music on that date. Church plans to release the music first on Apple Music for two weeks before releasing it on all streaming platforms.

A two-disc box set, as well as a vinyl version of the live album, has a release date of April 21, 2018, which happens to be Record Store Day 2018. However, by that point, fans will have had several months to enjoy the music on a streaming platform.

This album is definitely a special one that fans will love. Church included a lot of the covers and songs he sang on the road. It also has songs Church included in his shows due to events that happened while he was on the road.

In a release, Church said, “We had some that I was adamant that I wouldn’t rehearse with the band. I would tell the band a couple hours before the show. ‘This is the song we’re going to do,’ and then I wouldn’t see them until we did it, when we played live.”

Apparently, Church intended for his concerts to be ones to remember, and he is doing the same with this live album. It will be interesting to see what songs he included on the album and how they turn out. Currently, Church is taking a break from touring. After such a hefty tour schedule, it’s likely to be some time before we hear anything new from the country music star.


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