Local boys make good: Graham the Empire to play Radio Radio


INDIANAPOLIS–Part of my job is to keep an eye on the local talent. I am a journalist after all; it would be downright lazy of me if I didn’t. Heck, I’m local myself, which robs me of any excuse not to check out new talent. So, you can imagine that it tickles me to learn that Indiana band Graham the Empire hails from Carmel, Indiana. My  hometown.

Alternative band Graham the Empire will play Radio Radio at 1119 E. Prospect, Indianapolis, Friday, Sept. 29.  Graham the Empire formed around frontman Graham Zebrasky’s lifelong love of music. Hence the name of the band. Now, perhaps you might think the name a little grandiose. Even a little megalomaniacal. But if I was recording an EP with engineer Mark Needham, who’s mixed everybody from Imagine Dragons to the Killers, I might feel a little grandiose, too. The band’s new EP is titled, “Rise.” The concert celebrates the EP’s release.

Graham the Empire describes its sound as a blend of EDM and classic rock, all with a light dollop of pop. It’s a decent combination, and their studio sound reminds me of New Order post-“Power, Lies, and Corruption.” Perhaps it’s Mark Needham’s mixing work, but there is a touch of the Factory label artist about them. If Factory Records dabbled in classic rock from time to time, anyway. I would also add, possibly, just a touch of noise rock to their self-classification. A pleasant, solid rumble which grows out of the various instruments as their sounds blend together.  It’s certainly a sound that would work with a live show.

So, the venue is Radio Radio, doors open at 8:00pm, and the show starts at 9:00 p.m. See you all there!


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