Hyryder at The Mousetrap


Local Dead-Heads will want to pay a visit to The Mousetrap Bar and Grill on Friday, Sept. 15 to see Hyryder, a Grateful Dead Tribute Band perform.

Hyryder formed in Indianapolis roughly seven years ago. The current members of the tribute band are Charlie Morgan (vocals and lead guitar), Blair Ping (bass and vocals), Eric Thompson (rhythm guitar and vocals), Nick Neureiter (drums and vocals), and Scott Jackson (keyboard world and vocals). The band celebrates the music of The Grateful Dead, and was formed with a desire to follow in the original band’s lead.

For their live performances, Hyryder attempts to bring an authentic Grateful Dead experience. Their sets of covers are often extended by longer, improvised jams sessions that bring a unique take to the well-loved songs. They pride themselves on making each and every live show a different experience for new fans and old. During their multiple night runs they strive to constantly shake up their performances without repeating any material.

Hyryder attracts a good number of local Indianapolis residents, and have a dedicated fan base that consistently supports them. They’ve shared the stage with other well-known up and comers throughout the country, and it’ll be interesting to see what more they’ll have in store in the future.

Hyryder starts playing at 10:00 pm Friday night at The Mousetrap Bar and Grill in Indianapolis. As one of the oldest north side bars, The Mousetrap frequently hosts new and up and coming artists in the Indy area. With that said, they do concentrate primarily on hosting jam bands for their weekend shows. If you stop in on a different day of the week, however, you could be in store for anything from bluegrass to dubstep.

You can find Hyryder on SoundCloud, and on their website here.

For more information on The Mousetrap Bar and Grill, click here.


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