Dil mein baji pyar ki shehenaiyan – Rafi/Lata – Naushad Ali – Dilip/Meena | Kohinoor (1960)


Movie: This song appeared in 1960 Republic Films Corporation’s hit costume drama Kohinoor directed S U Sunny and produced by Dr. V N Sinha. The movie starred late Meena Kumari, Dilip Kumar, late Jeevan, late Mukri, late Leela Chitnis, Kum Kum, etc.

Post the death of Maharaj Dheeraj Rana Chadrabhan of Kailash Nagar, Rajkumar Dhivendra Pratap Bahadur (Dilip Kumar) is expected to ascend the throne. The Commander-in-chief Veer Singh’s wife (Leela Chitnis) has brought up Dhivendra like her own son Surinder. She wants Dhivendra to marry Rajgarh’s princess Rajkumari Chadramukhi (Meena Kumari). The king of Rajgarh is happy to hear the proposal and asks the princess to attend the coronation ceremony.

After an attempt on the life of Dhivendra by his commander-in-chief himself, Dhivendra leaves the palace and reaches the camp of Chandramukhi. There he disguises as an ascetic to visit the princess to tell her that she would meet her betrothed at moonrise. Accordingly, Dhivendra meets the princess over a song. Chandramukhi happily returns to her tent. But, some masked men come into the tent to kidnap her. She screams in the typically filmi way and Dhivendra comes to her rescue. He beats up one of the masked men and follows the rest to the hideout of Rajgarh’s Commander-in-chief (Jeevan). Dhivendra and Chandramukhi get out of the Commander-in-chief’s clutches in a hilarious way.

But, soon they are caught by the Commander-in-chief and his men and Dhivendra is burnt in a barn. Chandramukhi faints and she is taken hostage. When the Commander-in chief and the other men leave, Dhivendra is rescued by his horse and it takes him into the city where the state courtesan Rajlaxmi (Kum Kum) gets him treated. It appears that when she had competed with Dhivendra in a previous song and lost, she had fallen in love with him.

In the meantime, the king of Rajgarh gets the message that his daughter has been abducted. He tells the Commander-in-chief to find her. It is announced all across Rajgarh that the person, who brings information of the kidnapped princess, would receive a reward. Soon, Dhivendra wakes up and is surprisingly healthy again in a short span of time. The Commander-in-chief’s representative visits Rajlaxmi’s home to tell her that the Commander-in-chief had ordered her to entertain a guest of his. She refuses and the representative leaves. Dhivendra smells something fishy and asks her where he can find the Commander-in-chief. She tells him that he could be found in the old fort of Rajgarh.

The Commander-in-chief has invited musicians from all over the place to entertain the princess so that she would marry him. Dhivendra takes off on his horse and meets a musician (Mukri) in search of the princess for the reward money. Together, they visit the fort to entertain the princess, disguised as ascetics. Post some comic diversions, Chandramukhi realizes that the ascetic is none other than Dhivendra and sings this song.

Song: The lyrics of this song were penned by Shakeel Badayuni and the music was scored by Naushad Ali.

The girl has realized that with the coming of the hero, good times are not far behind.

Video: Cinematography is by Faredoon A Irani. Dance choreography is by Hiralal B-Sitara Devi-Satyanarayan-Chiman Seth.

The video opens with Dilip Kumar beginning the song with an alaap. He acts as if he is creating magic and a female voice is heard taking the alaap further. Jeevan is happy and is made to sway by Dilip Kumar in a comic way. Meena Kumari jumps into the focus area of the camera and begins the song-and-dance sequence.

Dilip Kumar and Mukri play invisible musical instruments. White pigeons are flying around, signifying calmness and peace. Meena Kumari dances in the garden around a water body fed by fountains. Dilip Kumar, Jeevan and Mukri watch her from the balcony. The song soon peters out and the video ends as Meena Kumari runs out of the garden.

Artists: The playback of this song is sung by Mohammad Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar and the onscreen performances are by Dilip Kumar, Meena Kumari, Jeevan, Mukri and others.

Cultural Influence: Through this typically filmi song the heroine says that the hero had come to rescue her. The song and the artists are fantastic. The video is watchable for the same.


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