St. Vincent’s new album MASSEDUCTION announced with new track “Los Ageless”


St. Vincent/Annie C+lark has announced her new album title MASSEDUCTION to be released on Oct. 9, in conjunction with the start of her “Fear the Future” tour. In a live “press conference” via Facebook, Clark dropped new details about what to expect.

“The record’s about love. At its best and at its core, it’s about love,” she said. “That’s it. That’s all.”

At the same time, another song from the album “Los Ageless” was released. Based on her comments, it’s clear this new track is concerned with the more bitter parts of love. Filled with hard-edged synth and acidic lyrics, it’s one of St. Vincent’s angriest songs coupled with one of her angriest sounds to date.

The affectionate artificiality of the “New York” video and song is also present in “Los Ageless,” in what’s seemingly a reaction against Lana Del Rey-esque sad Americana.

At the very least, Clark’s music is infinitely more danceable. Starting with her collaboration with David Byrne on 2012’s “Love This Giant” album, Clark’s music has had much more funk added to it, most notably on 2014’s “Digital Witness.”

Over a synth riff borrowed from LCD Soundsystem’s new album, coupled with ferocious licks on her classic guitar, Clark sings about girls in cages playing guitars and women milking their young. These  burning, angry images tear down the Beach Boys’ picturesque image of Los Angeles, burn the rubble and piss on the ashes.

Clark’s distaste for L.A. is made worse by not having anyone to share it with. “How can anybody have you and lose you and not lose their minds, too?” she sings, considerably less affectionately than when singing about New York.

It’s this bitterness that perhaps make the song ultimately less successful than “New York.” St. Vincent’s music is most effective when there’s a touch of empathy for the singer or her subjects, even when the subjects can be obtuse. However, “Los Ageless” remains an interesting contrast between the album’s lead single and perhaps previews the varying tones that may appear on her upcoming “MASSEDUCTION” album.




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