El Ten Eleven at The Hi-Fi


Coming to Fountain Square this Monday, Indianapolis will receive a special visit from one of the best instrumental, post-rock duos in music to date: El Ten Eleven. The band will be performing at The Hi-Fi this Monday, Sept. 11, at 9:00 PM.

El Ten Eleven is comprised of bassist and composer, Kristian Dunn and drummer, Tim Fogarty. In most of their songs, Dunn will layer multiple bass and guitar lines on top of one another, often times incorporating harmonics and finger tapping  to achieve a more interesting and textured result. During live shows Dunn can be seen playing a double-necked guitar and bass, while Fogarty switches between acoustic and electronic drums.

In 2005, the band released their first studio album and toured the U.S., insisting on playing their live shows with no prerecorded tracks or click tracks. This purist-approach to their performances forces El Ten Eleven to execute their songs perfectly, and can be attributed to their unique approach.

Dunn uses a massive pedal board for mixing the effects in each song. The most frequently used of these, by far, is the loop pedal. Dunn uses it to layer subsequent riffs and progressions over one another. This gives the audience a unique opportunity to visually witness a song being built in real time.

Since their start in 2005, El Ten Eleven has recorded nine studio albums. Their most recent of these, an EP titled, “Unusable Love EP,” was released on Aug. 18 of this year. The EP is El Ten Eleven’s first album to feature vocals, contributed by Emile Mosseri, bassist and vocalist for The Dig. Mosseri’s clear vocals laced with reverb mesh perfectly over the sometimes hypnotic effect of Dunn’s layering. It’s not yet confirmed whether Mosseri will be joining the band on tour for Monday night’s performance, but fans of the band can only hope.

You can listen to and order “Unusable Love EP” here.

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