Brace for the work week, GBH at the Hi-Fi

INDIANAPOLIS–Ah Sunday, when we bid the weekend farewell and brace for the working week drudge. Sunday nights are even worse. They are little netherworlds in which we find the weekend gone, but the week is still taking its sweet time getting here. Which leaves us nowhere. Which leaves us only one option. Punk show! That’s right brothers and sisters. Rejoice, because  English street punk band GBH plays the Hi-Fi Sept. 17! Rage, rage against the dying of the weekend!

Before we get to the meaty bits, how about a little history? GBH, which took its name from a grievous bodily harm charge leveled against a former member, is one of the leading lights of the UK82 movement. Better known as street punk, UK82 was similar to the earlier Oi! movement. That is, a working-class punk movement which aimed to address working-class issues. With that in mind, UK82 punks stripped down the music, turned up the volume, and took it to the streets.

GBH, which formed in 1978 as Charged GBH, began touring in the early ’80s. In 1982, they finally quit touring for a bit and released “City Baby Attacked by Rats,” their first LP. The LP charted well and gained the band some critical buzz, which they paid forward into another set of tours. Paying forward paid off, and so many LPs and numerous festival appearances later, GBH rose to prominence as one of the UK82 bands.

GBH continues this fine tradition, and continues it well. Jock Blyth’s buzzsaw guitar and Ross Lomas’ thudding bass provide a powerful backdrop for Colin Abrahall’s snarling, machine-gun vocals. Drummer Scott Peerce bashes his kit, creating ragged beats which hold the whole shebang together. And hold together it does. How well? Critics frequently mention GBH in the same breath as the Exploited.

Once again, the place is the Hi-Fi and the date is Sept. 17. Door’s at 7:00 p.m., and the drinks are ice cold.

See you there!


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