If you haven’t heard by now, we are sorry to announce that the old Taylor Swift is “dead.” That’s right, if you’re trying to reach her, tough luck. Instead, we’re left with a blonde evil glamazon with a vendetta against anyone who has wronged her in the music industry. Look what we made her do!!

It’s a good thing she got “hot in the nick of time,” because no one was ready for this. After teasing us with snakes, T-Swift (who would like to be excluded from this narrative), dropped the first single from her upcoming album, “Reputation.” For a full review of the song and video, check out Jeremy Gurto’s article here.

The most disturbing aspect of Swift’s transformation is the fact that she has convinced herself that she is the first to forge this path in the music industry. Someone should have told her that the “good girl gone bad” transformation has definitely been done before, and she is by no means the first to shed her skin like a snake to reveal a “hidden” dark side.

Let’s take a look at the “good girls gone bad” of the past, and no we aren’t referring to the song by Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl) and Cobra Starship, a song that should definitely stay in the past.

  1. Christina Aguilera

From the Mickey Mouse Club, to the playfully suggestive “Genie in a Bottle,” Christina Aguilera was the golden girl with serious pipes. Or, so we thought. Flash forward to 2003 and we see a whole different side of Aguilera. Some would argue we see too much. Either way, Aguilera’s “Stripped” persona and album marked a significant transformation in the pop singer’s image and “X-tina” was born. Even in later albums, Aguilera maintains that she’s “Still Dirrty.”


  1. Britney Spears

One can’t mention Christina Aguilera without Britney Spears because, it’s “Britney b*tch.” Another former Mouseketeer, Spears was always flirting with a darker side, from scanty high school uniforms to kissing Madonna at the MMVA’s. Then “Toxic” happened, and the world realized that she was more than willing to shed her “virgin” identity to promote her career. Yet, she is one of the few that continued to evolve, despite living in a flurry of media attention and scandal. Each subsequent version of Britney became darker, until suddenly it was 2008 and she was dancing on a stripper pole with a fake black wig.


  1. Hilary Duff

The Lizzie McGuire actress made a pretty successful transition into the music industry. All was well with fun pop singles like “So Yesterday” and “Why Not.” She even sang the unforgettable duet with her sister Hayley Duff “Our Lips Are Sealed.” Suddenly, Lizzie McGuire melted away and people began to notice. The happy-go-lucky round face became thin, with prominent cheek bones, straight white teeth, and a sultry voice. What happened Lizzie? Where’s Gordo?


  1. Nelly Furtado

The Canadian singer with the folk vibes and carefree spirit rose to mainstream success with hits like “I’m Like A Bird” and “Powerless.” Then she went on a musical hiatus, giving birth to a daughter in 2003. Three years later, she returned with “Loose,” and the world was shook. The album remains her most successful to date and the collaboration with Timbaland propelled her to worldwide success. People loved Furtado’s sultry side combined with the R&B infused dance beats.


  1. Rihanna

Some would argue that the Barbadian singer was never really a “good girl” to begin with. And they’d be right. But, the fact remains, up until the release of “Good Girl Gone Bad” in 2007, her music was largely safe, catchy, and reminiscent of a summer day at the beach. Songs like “If It’s Lovin’ That You Want” and “Pon De Replay” depict a shy, flirty, and confident young woman.

Yet, she sheds the sunshine and brings out the “Umbrella” to weather the darker storm of a “Good Girl Gone Bad.” In the self-titled track, she sings that “once a good girl goes bad/ we gone forever.” And so, bad girl Ri Ri was born, and she was here to stay.


  1. Taylor Momsen

If you don’t know who Taylor Momsen is, then I suggest you take a really close look at Cindy Lou Who when you’re watching the Grinch this Christmas. Or, marathon some episodes of Gossip Girl and you’ll find her as the young sweet “Little J.” For long-time fans of the show, they noticed a drastic change in Little J’s appearance.

Overnight she chops her hair and sports thick black eyeliner, and not long after her character permanently leaves the show. What many don’t know is that this transformation reflected Momsen’s real life off screen. She became the front woman of the hard rock band The Pretty Reckless, and overall they’ve been pretty successful, earning the title of “Best Hard Rock Artist” at the 2017 Alternative Press Music Awards. Little J and Cindy Lou are nowhere to be found.


  1. Miley Cyrus

Over the years, we have seen many phases of Miley. She’s come a long way from Hannah Montana. It’s almost like people forgot how shocked they were over her first attempt at departing from her Disney pop star image with “Can’t Be Tamed.” Perhaps she was foreshadowing the future direction of her career. Even so, no one could have predicted just how far Miley would go down this rabbit hole. She may have gone back to her roots in 2017, but no one will forget the 2013 VMA performance, twerking and all.


This list proves why “well behaved women rarely make history.” Taylor Swift should be taking notes if she’s serious about her bad girl “Reputation.”


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