Hair at State Street Pub

Hair performs at State Street Pub. Photo credit Paul Taylor.

State Street Pub and local Indy music lovers got a treat last Friday night with a performance by Hair, a Chicago-based, head-banging rock group. While they aren’t native to Indianapolis, they still put on a fun show for all who attended.

The dimly lit atmosphere of State Street Pub was a perfect venue for Hair, and served as a great example of a shared aesthetic between band and bar. Although they categorized their influences as coming from “a conglomeration of all genres”, their songs all seemed to keep a foot planted in heavy rock with a metal backbone. Ethereal vocals drifted clearly above the driving, fuzz-filled riffs, and added a nice psychedelic texture to their overall sound.

On stage, the lead guitarist and vocalist Nick Usalis looked no different from the other members of the group. True to the band’s name, a tangled mass of hair covered the faces of each member, heads nodding in unison. Usalis sang out wavering vocals laced with echo and reverb over the heavily-distorted backing progression of “Invented Suffering”, a driving, psych-rock ballad that evokes a sound similar to an early Wolfmother. Halfway in, the song abruptly shifts in mood to a Nirvana-esque, grunge outro akin to “Aneurism”.

Hair – Stiff, but Conditioned

Hair demonstrated an impressive degree of polish in their set. They flew through each song without missing a beat and every note struck seemed to fit in perfectly. Despite the high quality of their performance, Hair could do to work on their showmanship. If they showed more energy on stage, rather than standing rooted in place, perhaps they’d have drawn a larger crowd. Still, the next time they come into town, you won’t want to miss them.

Hair has released two albums through their label with Tall Pat Records. The first, titled, “All The Madmen” released in November 2016, while their second, self-titled, came out in February of this past year. You can find Hair on Bandcamp here.


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