Joe Nichols latest single is pure gold


Joe Nichols released his latest album July 28, called,  “Never Gets Old.” It offers the traditional sound fans recognize and love from the artist. One of the first releases off the new album is “Never Gets Old,” which is a fantastic ballad with some lovely, romantic lyrics.

The upbeat melody is perfect for the song. At the beginning of the song, Nichols sings about how mundane life can become. As we go from one day to the next, it’s easy to become bored. However, one thing that never gets old for Nichols is loving his significant other.

“Sometimes it feels like I’m just 21 and I’ve barely begun loving you,” he sings before the chorus. He goes on to say how he “never gets tired of loving you.” Overall, the song is such a sweet ballad, and one fans love.

Nichols has one of those voices you simply can’t tire of hearing. He always makes music that is easy to fall in love with and enjoy. He has a baritone voice that is smooth and very easy on the ears. For fans who love more of a classic country sound, you can’t get better than Nichols.

Currently, he is touring to promote his new album and has several stops over the fall. His tour will hit cities like Columbus, Ohio; Atlantic City, New Jersey and Madison, Wisconsin. It will wrap up on Nov. 18 at the Harrington Raceway and Casino in Harrington, Delaware. You can check out his full list of dates on his website. His album is available for download.


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