Carly Pearce announces debut album release


Rising country star Carly Pearce has some exciting news to share with her growing fan base. In October, she is releasing her debut album ‘Every Little Thing.” The announcement follows the huge success of her debut album of the same name, which made it into the Top 20 of the country music charts. Her producer for the new album is Busbee.

Along with the announcement, Pearce released a new track that is available to stream and download, titled “If My Name Was Whiskey.” Pearce co-wrote the song with Shane McAnally and Busbee, along with eight of the 13 songs on her upcoming album.

Recently, the rising star released the complete track list for the album:

“Hide the Wine”
“Every Little Thing”
“Everybody Gonna Talk”
“Catch Fire”
“If My Name Was Whiskey”
“I Need a Ride Home”
“Doin’ It Right”
“Feel Somethin’”
“You Know Where to Find Me”
“Dare Ya”

While we currently know little else about the music on this album, Pearce’s career certainly looks promising. Her first single, “Every Little Thing” is one fans love, and that caught the attention of critics and country music fans everywhere. iHeartRadio even named her their “On the Verge Artist,” after the single’s release.

If you haven’t heard much from  Pearce, she’s an artist you will want to check out. Her voice is beautiful, and she has a really bubbly personality. So far, the songs she’s released have been heartbreak ballads. Her first reminisces about all the pain and hurt she felt from her previous relationship.

With “If My Name Was Whiskey,” Pearce channels her inner Beyonce and her hit “If I Were a Boy.” As with Beyonce’s song, Pearce contemplates how different her life, and specifically her relationship, would be if she were whiskey.

Both of these releases showcase Pearce’s strong country voice and incredible songwriting skills. It will be inspiring to see where her career goes from here.


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