Thirty Seconds To Mars perform new song “Walk On Water” at MTV’s Video Music Awards


Times are certainly changing, and this is evident via 30STM’s newest song “Walk On Water.” The band made an appearance at the 2017 VMA’s and introduced the world to a song that will certainly go down as a 30STM classic. Though, is that a good thing?


“Walk On Water”

Thirty Seconds to Mars has taken on a different charm than their normal captivating musicianship. Many will look at this and appreciate the fresh take on the band’s music. Longtime fans will most likely feel overwhelmed with a sense of disappointment, unfortunately.

Like usual, the band exudes an inimitable strength via both their sound and the poetic words they chose to go with that sound in “Walk On Water.”

The differences between what fans are used to hearing from this band of skilled musicians and what they received at this year’s VMAs aren’t subtle in the least bit. The heavily autotuned rapping and electronic, modern feel make for something extremely unfamiliar and somewhat unsatisfying.

Though 30STM’s sound has changed over the years, this in no way means it has gone downhill. Music evolves with the musician, and this is a beautiful and necessary artistic process. It disappoints some, it fascinates others. 30STM has confidently welcomed this artistic evolution process and used it to create something new. The fact that we were able to experience this at the VMAs is extraordinary.


The Performance

Speaking of extraordinary, the presentation of “Walk On Water” was absolutely stellar! Viewers were able to watch as frontman Jared Leto and the rest of the 30STM crew performed under a heat sensor! The thermal vision camera made for an eclectic performance and a far-out experience for everyone involved.


From the fascinating sound to the excellent presentation, Thirty Seconds to Mars really did win with this one. Did they win with everyone, however? Not quite.


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