Weekly Latin Releases- August 25


Friday is finally here, which means you can finally grab that cold beer and listen to the sweet sound of music in your ear. As always, time to sit back, de-stress a little, and enjoy all that Friday has to offer. Forget about those dirty dishes in the sink or that dirty laundry on the bathroom floor; you can start those tomorrow! Today, why not sit in your comfy chair, browse around the internet, and play some new tracks. What kind of records do I mean? Well, the new Latin releases for this week!

The Latin selections are the following:

Morgana, Te Va A Gustar
MITU, Cosmus
Grupo Maximo Grado, Marca Acme
Luz Maria, Ni Dios Lo quiere (Single)
Jay Rodriguez, Un Tiempo Nuevo
Techy Fatule, Otra Vez (Single)
Raquel Sofia, La Persona Que No Eres (Single)
Juhn, Calentura (single)
La Mafia & Shaila Durcal, Que Hare Yo (Single)
Alkilados & Reykon, Flaca (single)
Norteno 4.5, Y Lo Que Le Sigue
Fuerza de Tijuana, Caro Lo Pague (Single)
Jesus Mendoza, Alzando Vuelo
Christian Daniel, Si No Estas (Single)
Kali Uchis, Nuestro Planeta (Single)
Bryant Myers, Pa Pasar El Rato (Single)

Tell us what you liked, what you didn’t like, and what Latin artists you would like us to write about on LemonWire. Your feedback is helpful! Asta la proxima, feliz fin de semana!


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