Foxtails Brigade | Quick Review


Maybe they sound familiar, maybe they don’t. Either way, one thing is for sure – they are a rose growing in a field of dandelions, and it is beautiful. In other words, they’re not like everyone else, and we absolutely dig it!

So let’s talk about these future legends, shall we?


About Foxtails Brigade

Foxtails Brigade is made up of pure brilliance. The group consists of Laura Weinbach on guitar and vocals, Anton Patzner on violin and vocals, Joe Lewis on the bass, and Josh Pollock and Dominic Mercurio on percussion.


“We Are Not Ourselves”

Bouncy and whimsical lyrics paired with peculiarly joyful, yet haunting, slightly unsettling sounds make for a pure work of art. This is particularly impressive since heavy usage of computerized music has become so common. Instrumentally, the song is simple, yet captivating. There is a beautiful blend of dynamics and consistency. This fully allows the listener to absorb the lyrics and enjoy the song in its entirety.

Laura Anton is a brilliant singer whose voice flows like milk and honey.


“La Vie En Rose”

Via their version of “La Vie En Rose” you will experience the pure skill both Laura Weinbach and Anton Petzner possess. Additionally, you will experience the inexplicable and inimitable musical chemistry they share. There have been many covers of this classic. However, none quite reach the enthralling yet subtle magic that is reached by Laura and Anton. The soft echo of Laura’s voice against the quiet guitar and distinctive violin is simply magnificent. Additionally, the mixture of French lyrics with English made for a very unique and brilliantly orchestrated piece of music that distinguishes it from other contemporary works.


The group’s most recent album was released in 2016. The self-titled album gave us a taste of what we will continue to crave until this band of skilled musicians decide to whip up something new for us!


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