Lindsay Ell releases debut album [Review]


Lindsay Ell has been in the news quite a bit recently. Between her romance with (radio) DJ Bobby Bones and her excellent new album, folks can’t seem to get enough of her. Her album The Project is now officially on the market, and it’s definitely something you will want to listen to.

Ell has a compelling voice that is fun to hear. She has a rather gritty sound, but still puts a feminine spin on her music. Ell focuses a lot of her music around her voice and her guitar playing skills. She also tends to fuse a rock ‘n’ roll vibe with her country flair to create something unique and different.

“Waiting on You” is one of the favorite songs on the album and you can listen to it below. However, other tracks, like “Champagne” are just as fabulous and catchy. You’ll want hear to them all over and over again.

Kristian Bush of Sugarland produced the album. It came out Aug. 11, and already it has reached the top of the iTunes charts. It seems that fans can’t get enough of Ell’s unique and edgy country sound.

Music has always been something Lindsay has wanted to make a career in. By the time she was 16, she had dreams to move to Nashville and make a name for herself, according to  USA Today. Now those dreams appear to be coming true, and we should be seeing a lot more out of her soon.

Ell isn’t new to the world of country music. Over the years several of her songs made it to the radio. However, it’s just now that people are taking notice of her. We are definitely glad she didn’t give up on her music career! If you want to see the star live, she is currently touring with Brad Paisley on his Life Amplified World Tour.’ Check out the dates, here.


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