Kabootar ja ja ja – Lata/S P – Raam-Lakshman – Bhagyashree/Salman | Maine Pyar Kiya (1989)


I have written about a little girl Dolly, who considered my Mom as her friend. This girl was so little that she could not say the Hindi name of pigeon, Kabootar, properly. She would say, “Kabboo…tar!” Surprisingly, my nephew, who is younger than Dolly and brought up miles away from her, also would utter, “Kabboo…tar!” And he would show 2 little pigeons sitting near their bedroom window to everybody, who came to his home. What he enjoys should be enjoyed by others too!

Movie: This song appeared in 1989 romantic musical hit film Maine Pyar Kiya (I have fallen in love) directed by Sooraj Barjatiya for Rajashri Productions. The movie starred Salman Khan, Bhagyashree (debut), Reema Lagoo, Alok Nath, Rajeev Verma, etc.

A poor mechanic Karan (Alok Nath) lives in a village with his only child Suman (Bhagyashree). He has secured a job in Dubai to earn money for his daughter’s marriage. He leaves his daughter with his childhood friend Kishan (Rajeev Verma). Kishan allows Suman to live in his home at his friend’s request. Kishan’s son Prem (Salman Khan) befriends Suman, with the assurance that a boy and a girl can have a platonic relationship with each other.

But, their thinking is shattered when they are invited by Seema (Pervin Dastur) the only daughter of Kishan’s business partner Ranjeet (Ajit Vachani) for a party. Prem takes Suman with him. Seema’s cousin brother Jeevan (Mohnish Bahl) is on a target practice spree and almost kills a white pigeon. Suman saves it and Seema has an altercation with her. Prem intervenes and Jeevan mollifies him. When Suman is preparing a plate from the buffet, Jeevan tries to molest her. Prem reaches the room in time and saves her. But, Suman and Prem get a jolt due to Jeevan that a girl and a boy cannot have a platonic relationship. Both had been trying to address their feelings toward each other for some time.

Prem and his parents visit his father’s factory for a pooja and Suman is left alone with Prem’s friend Manohar (Lakshmikant Berde), whom she considers as a brother. As soon as they leave, she realizes that she is in love with Prem when she sees his letter mentioning that he has fallen in love with her. Now, she does not know how to send a reply to him. It is at this time that the white pigeon she had saved comes to her rescue and she sings this song.

Song: The lyrics were penned by Asad Bhopali and the music was scored by Raam-Lakshman.

The song is a request to the pigeon to take the girl’s first letter to the boy. Though there is not much lyrical value in this song, it was one of the earliest songs, which had lines with few words. Older songs, still famous, had long lines in them.

Video: Cinematography is by Arvind Laad. Dance choreography is by late Jay Borade.

The video opens with Bhagyashree looking at the different photos of Salman Khan placed in his room. She is sad. She writes a letter to him and folds it to place it on the coffee table. The pigeon flies to the table and sits near the letter. Then, it picks up the letter in its beak. Bhagyashree thinks that the idea to send the letter via the pigeon would be a good one.

Bhagyashree begins the song holding the pigeon. The pigeon is an intelligent one. It travels in the family car, in which the manager is taking some files to the factory. Bhagyashree dresses up with ornaments and a beautiful dress. Next, she goes about doing household work. Salman Khan is actually crying and wears a pair of sunglasses to hide his tears.

The pigeon has reached the venue of the get-together and is sitting on a steward’s tray with the letter. When Salman Khan sits near a table, the pigeon flies to him with the letter. He picks up the letter and reads it. Now, this entire sequence depends on chance. The manager traveling in the family car and the pigeon traveling with him; the pigeon reaching the required destination and its being found by Salman Khan and no one else.

When he reads the letter, the song in the male voice begins in the background. The pigeon is seen drinking water from a small bowl. Salman Khan begins to sing. Surprisingly, nobody else sees or hears him sing. He sends the pigeon ahead of him and returns to his home in the family car. The pigeon reaches Bhagyashree and she runs down to welcome Salman Khan.

The family car enters through the gate of the mansion and he gets down from it. He opens his arms wide and she runs into them. Lakshmikant Berde feels happy. The white pigeon is sitting on his shoulder. They are, soon, sitting together in a garden with some apples scattered around. The pigeon is sitting on her knee.

He picks up the pigeon and throws it upwards so that it flies away. She keeps going away from him and he follows her. The song peters out and the video ends there.

Artists: The playback of this song was sung by Lata Mangeshkar and S P Balasubramaniam and the onscreen performances are by Bhagyashree and Salman Khan.

Cultural Influence: This is a typically filmi song where the heroine and the hero sing it to admit that they are in love with each other. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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