A look back at the career of the late great Glen Campbell [Review]


In honor of Campbell, we will take a look back on his career and the music that made him such a staple in the industry.

The Life of Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell was an incredibly talented individual. Not only was he a country music legend, but he was also a songwriter, actor, television host and one of the best guitarists ever. The prime of his music was during the 1960s and 1970s. During those decades, there were even times when he sold more than the Beatles in a year.

He wound up releasing an impressive 70 albums over his 5 decades in the business. Out of all that music, he sold 45 million records and had 80 different chart-placers, 29 in the Top 10. Some of his most famous hits were “Gentle on My Mind,” “Galveston,” “Southern Nights” and, of course, “Rhinestone Cowboy.”

For the most part, Campbell’s music focused on his vocals. Very few of his songs had a lot of excitement going on when it came to instrumentals. A few broke away for brief instrumentals, but nothing too elaborate. Campbell always preferred to let his voice do the talking instead of the music. However, Campbell definitely knew how to play the guitar. You can see some of his stellar playing in this video.


When it came to his music, Campbell had a fascinating and unique sound. Having a rock and roll background, you would think that genre would make its way into his music. However, he tended to use more of a pop sound in his music than rock and roll. Somehow, he managed to fuse that sound with bluegrass to create something extraordinary.

Music wasn’t Campbell’s only forte, however. He also had a top-rated variety show that ran from 1969 through 1972. One of the four seasons, “The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour” had just as many ratings as the similar show, “Hee Haw.”

Along the way, Campbell also helped a lot of other stars get their starts. He greatly encouraged Keith Urban in his music and helped sign other artists, like Bryan White. He was known for his kindness and encouraging words to up and coming country music stars as well as his close friends.

All indications point to Campbell being a great man and a huge benefit to music in general. The whole world will miss his unique sound and fantastic music.


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