Weekly Latin Releases- 8/12/2017


Hey lovely people, now you didn’t think we forgot, did you? With it being the weekend, it can only mean one thing: weekly Latin Releases! As always, we like to share the Latin releases every week. This week we have quite a bit, and they are as follows:

La Nueva Estrategia, Como Se Siente?
La Original Banda El Limon, Me Esta Doliendo El Alma (Single)
Dalex, Mi Cama (single)
Caloncho, Balsamo
Cornelio Vega y Su Dinastia, No Me Hubiera Enamorado (Single)
Joan Sebastian, El Ultimo Jaripeo
Saul El Jaguar Alarcon, Voy A Calar Con Otra Boca (Single)
Julian Mercado, Proximamente
Kinto Sol, Somos Once
J Alvarez, 6 De La Morning (Single)
Calibre 50, Corrido De Juanito (Singel)
El Alfa, Disciplina
Bomba Esterio, Ayo
Pedro Capo, En Letra De Otro

There are 14 talented artists with new releases for this week; the question is which one to listen to first? If you liked Calibre 50 you are in luck; he is a name we have seen multiple times with new releases. If you enjoy a classic artist, Joan Sebastian is the one to listen to.

Juan Sebastian, being loved by many in the Latin community, continues as a legend two years after his death. Unfortunately, he passed away at the age of 64 battling cancer. During his fight against his illness, he continued writing songs and performing. Mr. Sebastina mentioned that without his fans cheering him on, the battle against cancer would’ve been too difficult for him to handle.

The album released yesterday is live from one of his last concerts, and it’s a tribute to his line of work. Make sure to take a listen to this iconic’s album, as well as the rest of the talented artist listed above.



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