Phir wahi dil laya hoon – Mohammad Rafi – O P Nayyar – Joy Mukherjee | Phir Wahi Dil Laya Hoon (1963)


Movie: This song appeared in 1963 hit romantic drama Phir Wahi Dil Laya Hoon (I’ve come back with the same heart) produced and directed by Nasir Hussain under the banner of Nasir Hussain Films. The movie starred late Joy Mukherjee, Asha Parekh, late Pran, late Rajinder Nath, etc.
Marital discord increases between Jamuna (Veena) and her husband Colonel Mahendranath and she leaves him. He does not give her their son, so she gets him kidnapped. Mother and son go and live in Srinagar. Mahendranath then brings up Mona, his friend’s daughter as a niece. He wants the now grown up Mona (Asha Parekh) to marry Biharilal alias Difu (Rajinder Nath), who has been to a foreign country and belongs to a wealthy family. Jamuna’s son Mohan (Joy Mukherjee) has also grown up and they have been living in a lower middle-class locality. One day Mohan meets Mona and he falls in love with her. At this time, Mona and her friends plan a trip to Srinagar. Difu comes along. It so happens that they take Mohan’s friends car for the trip. Mohan travels on top of the car out of sight of the girls. When they reach Srinagar, he follows Mona to their hotel and is found singing a song he had sung during their trip to Agra.
Mona loses her sleep over him and she confronts Mohan. But, she denies having fallen in love with him. He follows the girls around and when the girls decide to take a trip on horse carriages he disguises as the driver of one of the tonga. Mohan misdirects Difu and makes off with Mona. It is, now, that he sings this song.
Song: The music of this song was composed by O P Nayyar and Majrooh Sultanpuri wrote the lyrics.
The gist of the song is, “Dear Ma’am, hold your heart. I have come back as love again. I have brought the same heart in your get-together.”
Video: Cinematography is by Marshal Braganza.
The video opens with Joy Mukherjee removing the loose part of his turban covering his face. He is wearing a traditional Kashmiri dress. Asha Parekh is surprised. He begins the song. She behaves like she is upset with him. They wave to the village girls working on the roadside. He kisses one of her plaits. She gets up with a hand lifted like she is going to strike.
But, she sits back laughing. Then, Asha Parekh blushes and covers her face with her hands. Several girls are seen running and dispersing a group of cattle. Joy Mukherjee places a casual hand on her shoulder and she slaps his hand off. He acts as if he was badly hurt. The road is lined by Chinar trees and some girls are seen leaning on them and waving to the lead pair.
Asha Parekh lies upside down on the passenger side of the horse carriage. Joy Mukherjee looks around and finds her there. He helps her sit in her normal position. This sequence was a little risky. I wonder how she would have done it on a running horse carriage, that too, in those days, without props.
The song peters out and the video ends as the horse carriages continue on the long road.
Artists: The playback for this song was sung by Mohammad Rafi and the onscreen performance was by Asha Parekh and others.
Cultural Influence: This filmi romantic song that is sung on the go. It is a typically O P Nayyarisque tonga song. The song is fantastic and the video is watchable for the song and the artists, again and again.


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