Oneohtrix Point Never releases another glimpse at his award-winning soundtrack


Oneohtrix Point Never has created a full soundtrack for the new American crime-drama film “Good Time.” A soundtrack for the film earned the multi-talented producer has recently worn the soundtrack award at this year’s Cannes film festival.

Mixed styles of Oneohtrix

Brooklyn-based electronic artist, Oneohtrix Point Never established himself as an extremely versatile talent very early in his career. He effortlessly skirted back and forth between various modes of progressive electronic experimentation ranging from Tangerine Dream-esque atmospheric excursions, to pioneering work in the post-modern, meta-music realm of vaporwave. Oneohtrix’s history of stylistically malleability considered, soundtrack work might not necessarily seem entirely unlikely in retrospect, but it certainly wasn’t the first route most of us expected him to go.

The sound of “Good Time”

Anticipation for Oneohtrix Point Never’s “Good Time” soundtrack may be even greater than that for the actual film. Reception was largely positive in regard to the first peek we received into the score with “The Pure and the Damned” (featuring Iggy Pop, of all people), but Oneohtrix Point Never’s newest “Good Time” single “Leaving the Park,” plays a far larger role, acting as the film’s “centerpiece.”

Sonically, the track certainly has the stature to match such a designation. Building slowly from the post-Berlin School spacious synthesizer tones a la Harald Grosskopf, into an uneasy air of distortion and minor keys. “Leaving the Park” packs enough sonic rise-and-fall into a few short minutes to feel almost like its own musical short film. Audiences can hear how such a track can act as a filmic centerpiece: Its natural ebb and flow and dynamic levels of energy and tension, evoke the same kind of vitality that permeates the best movie climaxes.

“Leaving The Park” covers a great deal of territory emotionally (again, expertly mimicking the movie climax’s back-and-forth emotional pull between excitement and intrigue), but remains firm and consistent within its sonic repertoire. The track is equal parts a solid example of Oneohtrix Point Never’s signature hazy and hypnagogic “progressive electronic” sound, and a display of his affection for the German electronic masters of the ’70s and ’80s that influence his core sound.

In a way, a point of deviation in the work of Oneohtrix Point Never from such German pioneers as Edgar Froese and Michael Hoenig that comprise his primary sources of influence is Oneohtrix Point Never’s tendency to approach music from a more “cinematic” approach. Where Klaus Schulze might be content to drift along a realm of ambient mystery, Oneohtrix Point Never opts to guide the listener along across more distinct patterns of rise-and-fall and tonal development.

While this approach may leave Oneohtrix Point Never not quite as pleasantly unpredictable as Schulze and friends, the trade-off is that he ends up being more distinctly exciting. When examining his discography from this perspective, Oneohtrix Point Never becoming the musical voice behind the fabric of Palme d’Or-nominated drama-thriller, suddenly makes all too much sense.

Listen to “Leaving The Park” here on Oneohtrix Point Never’s website.


Both “Good Time” and Oneohtrix Point Never’s accompanying soundtrack are to be released later this week. Watch the trailer below:


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