Dylan Scott and wife reveal gender of baby on the way



It appears that the country music industry is about to become flooded with babies. Another country music star is announcing his wife’s pregnancy, as well as the gender of their baby. Dylan Scott and his wife are having a boy. They are just one of many couples expecting babies this year.

The couple married in May 2016 and first announced their pregnancy this past June. To reveal the gender of the baby, the couple invited friends and family over for a gender reveal party. Like most pregnant couples these days, the couple did something special at the party.

The star shared a video of the happy couple holding a pair of party poppers. With a crowd of family and friends cheering them on, they eventually pulled strings and blue confetti quickly surrounded them. From the excitement they show, it is obvious the couple love the results. You can watch the fun video, here.

While Scott and his wife only married a short time ago, they have been together for much longer. Scott and his wife are both from Louisiana and are high-school sweethearts. According to People, this is the couple’s first baby. However, a couple of “big siblings” will welcome the baby when he is born – the family dogs Brodie and Bella.

These days, Scott has quite a bit to celebrate about. His latest single, “My Girl,” is a huge hit and quickly rising in the charts. Scott says he used his wife as inspiration for the song. In fact, when the song was released, Scott told The Boot a lot about the inspiration behind the song.

“As I was writing it, I wanted to put true stuff, stuff that we have experienced together, stuff that reminds me of her,” he said. “It’s just stuff that we experienced together from the time we were 15, 16 years old, up until the time we wrote the song. The only line in this song that isn’t true is the Crown and Sprite reference … other than that, it’s dead-on to what we’ve experienced together.”

“My Girl” is part of Scott’s first major album. The single sold around 303,000 copies and reached number one on both US Country and US Country Airplay charts. Scott released his first single, “Makin’ This Boy Go Crazy,” in 2013. At the time, it had some mixed reviews, but most critics spoke positively of Scott’s sound.

His rather deep tone helps set him apart from others in the country music industry and allows him to keep a traditional country sound. Because of his roots, the singer has a strong love for country music and tends to focus on creating music that is true to him and his past.

If you want to check out some of Scott’s great music for yourself, he has some tour dates coming up to see. He’s pretty much touring non-stop through September. He plans to hit cities in Illinois, Kansas, New York and several other states.

He also has a couple of dates in October and one in December, but these might change depending on when his baby boy is born. You can check out his full tour dates on his website.


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