Cage the Elephant Releases Acoustic “Unpeeled”


Cage the Elephant released an all-acoustic album called “Unpeeled” in late July. The album is stripped down to some live and all acoustic versions of their greatest hits. Cage the Elephant’s signature synth and electronic elements are replaced with experimental acoustic ways to replicate their sound.

Cage the Elephant is known for being ethereal and distant like with “Trouble” and/or loud and crisp with classic “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” but “Unpeeled” is far from either of those extremes. The experimental acoustic versions give a fuller and more genuine sound. Like a lot of live albums, it feels like you are right there with them.

 In an interview with American Songwriter, Brad Shultz said the album was sparked by a performance at a benefit for the Neil Young Bridge School. Everything needed to be acoustic. They discovered a new sound putting together their unplugged performance. Their signature electronic vibe recreated with acoustic instruments. The band got creative, finding what best fit in with their unique music- a string section. They loved what came out of this performance so much they decided to take it on the road. The album followed.

“Unpeeled” is a pseudo-live album, it’s unplugged, and it’s Cage the Elephants greatest hits all at the same time. The album is one that you buy on vinyl. It’s almost nostalgic. The songs take on a film score quality. The spontaneity of its creation makes it “live” in all the right places.  It’s polished, but still raw and interesting.



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