Cage The Elephant performs song “Rubber Ball” with Strings and it is brilliant


The already light and airy Cage The Elephant masterpiece has had an extreme rise in whimsicality and beauty.

Recently the band released a live video of their performance of acoustic-classic “Rubber Ball.” The video in and of itself is absolutely stunning! Beautiful blue hues and soft lights only enhanced the already existing aura of excellence given off by the song. It isn’t until the strings in the background begin to play, however, that a whole new brilliance was evident. All of a sudden you are transformed into this beautiful being, floating through utter bliss and comfort, more so than when listening to its original version.

About “Rubber Ball”

Cage The Elephant’s track “Rubber Ball” is from their phenomenal 2011 album “Thank You, Happy Birthday.”┬áThe album was originally announced in July of 2009. The band had then stated that they would release it in early 2010. Additionally, the album originally was to be released with the title “Computer Says Move.”


The Performance

Passion exudes from every performer who sits or stands on the stage. Passion, emotion, talent, precision, everything that goes into making a phenomenal piece of art. Due to all of this, an evident and absolutely captivating piece of music was reborn.

“It was always a dream of ours to perform at this hometown venue and we felt something spiritual from the moment we stepped on stage,”

-Shultz on Performing in Nashville


The band performed “Rubber Ball” in Nashville at the Ryman Auditorium.

According to Shultz, the song is about excess in all aspects. It’s about trying to gain control but not being able to because you have so much love in your heart. As a result, something beautiful happens on stage every time that distinctive first chord is strummed on the guitar.

You can experience the wonder for yourself at the start of the article, but don’t forget to listen to the original first! It makes the experience all the better in the end.



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