Watch: Action Bronson’s “The Chairman’s Intent”


“The Chairman’s Intent” is a 70’s exploitation homage starring your favorite chef turned rapper.

“The Chairman’s Intent”

I really like Action Bronson. I’ve been waiting for his new album for months, so I was excited when he released something new. Excitement aside, this video is a mess.

Take one part Beastie Boys “Sabotage“, mix it with two parts “Death Wish” (starring the god Charles Bronson) and add some of the “Five Deadly Venoms” in for good measure. That approximates the flavor of the concoction. The mixture could work, but the parts are almost randomly thrown together. There’s not even a semblance of a story line. Instead the video consists of Action Bronson dressed in a wig performing ridiculous karate moves and other action movie tropes.

The director shot the video on grainy film stock (or made it look like he did) reminiscent of cheap 70’s films. Every character in the video has retro clothes or bad hair or both. It’s funny and charming, especially if you like Action Bronson, but ultimately it’s nonsensical.

It seems like Bronson knew this. At times the sound design of the fake exploitation movie drowns out the song, a typical swaggering Bronson tune. It’s possible that this was a nod to the less than optimal sound quality of some 70’s films. It seems more likely, however, that Bronson and his team decided they were having more fun shooting the film and that fun superseded pesky things like narrative, coherence or the song itself.

Blue Chips

Action Bronson released “The Chairman’s Intent” in advance of his album “Blue Chips 7000.” Bronson has pushed back the release date of the album several times. Vice Music announced on their Facebook page that the album will be released on August 25. Additionally, for fans of AB who have a little extra scratch there is a sweeter deal to be had: dinner with Action Bronson. For 5k a fan and ten friends can have an “intimate dinner” with the rapper. The price includes flights, hotels and a bunch of Action Bronson SWAG.

It seems like a pretty good deal. If you don’t have an extra five large lying around, you can wait until August or pre-order “Blue Chips 7000” now.


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