Sathi na koi manzil – Mohammad Rafi – S D Burman – Dev Anand | Bambai Ka Babu (1960)


Movie: This song appears in the 1960 Naya Films’ thriller Bombay Ka Babu (Gentleman from Bombay, Babu is also a name here) directed by Raj Khosla and produced by Raj Khosla and Jal Mistry. The star-cast included late Dev Anand, late Suchitra Sen, late Jeevan, late Nazir Hussain, late Dhumal, late Achala Sachdev, late Jagdish Raj and late Tun Tun.
Babu (Dev Anand) is running away from Bombay (Mumbai now) police for a murder he did for self-defense. He goes to various cities like Delhi, but he is chased by the authorities at every place. Finally, he lands in Joginder Nagar and meets Bhagat (Rashid Khan). Bhagat blackmails him into impersonating Kundan, the long lost son of Dhalpur’s Zamindar Shahji (Nazir Hussain). The underlying intention for the impersonation is eventually stealing the Zamindar’s money.
Babu sends Kundan’s father a letter saying that he would be returning home. Babu is accepted by the family the moment he says that he is Kundan. Every time Bhagat wants some money, Babu has to ask the Zamindar for pocket money. The Zamindar refuses initially and immediately relents. The Zamindar’s daughter Maya (Suchitra Sen) asks several pointed questions about his past. But, Babu side-steps them and tells her that he would rather she did not ask something he wanted to forget.
The affection showered by the Zamindar’s wife Rukmani (Achala Sachdev) makes Babu regret his despicable mission. He also falls in love with Maya, who thinks that he is her brother. Soon, Maya finds out about Babu’s real intent in coming to their home. She also realizes that he is being pressurized by Bhagat and that Babu had fallen in love with her. She goes home, thinking she will tell her parents about him. But, when she hears about how much love and trust her parents had placed on Babu, their Kundan, she stops short in confusion on what to do.
She keeps taunting him about it, instead. Shahji arranges Maya’s marriage and asks ‘Kundan’ his opinion, which jewelry should he select for her marriage. Shahji also tells ‘Kundan’ what his father had told him, “When I give you the keys to the locker at home, it means that you have the responsibility toward the house. You are the scion of our house. That also gives you a responsibility to not to tarnish the family reputation.” Maya goes out roaming as usual and at this time hears him singing this song.
Song: The lyrics of this song were penned by late Majrooh Sultanpuri and the music was composed by Sachin Dev Burman.
The gist of the song is, “I don’t have a friend or a destination where I need to reach. I don’t have a lamp to help me see the direction where I am going. Neither am I in a get-together, with other people, to cheer me up. Where is my heart taking me alone?”
Video: Cinematography is by Jal Mistry.
The video opens with Suchitra Sen walking on a garden path. The music has already begun in the background. Someone begins to hum the song. Suchitra Sen tries to find out, who is the one. The person begins to sing the song as well. The person singing in the video is Dev Anand. He is leaning on a large rock.
Dev Anand’s sorrow also envelops Suchitra Sen. Dev Anand moves away from the rock and out of camera range. Suchitra Sen is seen walking closer to the place where Dev Anand is present. Both are seen walking in the same direction albeit at some distance from each other. Dev Anand apparently does not know that Suchitra Sen is around.
The song peters out and the video ends as Dev Anand walks into the fog and disappears there.
Artists: The playback singers are Mohammad Rafi and onscreen performers are Suchitra Sen, Dev Anand and others.
Cultural Influence: This filmi song is a sad song where the hero depicts his mental condition. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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