Fans are already enjoying the new music Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit just released, but they now have even more reason to celebrate. A brand-new video is making its way around the internet for “Hope the High Road.”

The song starts with a rather fast-paced tempo, but the band does a good job slowing things down as needed. Throughout the song, you can hear a strong rock influence, including riffs on the electric guitar and a strong drum presence.

When it comes to lyrics of the song, Isbell hopes the words are inspiring. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, he said he wants listeners “to be vigilant but to still stay classy.” He goes on to say that if “you’re doing too much yelling and too much screaming and acting out of frustration, you’re not affecting change in any positive way.”

That pretty much sums up the entire song and lyrics’ entire message: acting calmly and positively is the best approach to take towards anyone.

Lyrics like, “I know you’re tired and you ain’t sleeping well…uninspired…and likely mad as hell. But wherever you are I hope the high road leads you home again to a world you want to live in,” show that it is always possible to care for and be kind to anyone.

The new album is out now, and you can snag a copy through iTunes. For now, take a look at the video for this great song below:

The uplifting song is already getting quite a bit of praise from fans and critics alike. It’s effortless to fall in love with the group’s unique Southern-rock sound. You can also tell from the video that the group really knows how to put on a show–something that only comes from experience.

Isbell has been on the country music scene for quite some time now. He started writing music professionally in 2001, when he was only 22. During those early years of his career, he worked with some of the best, including David Hood and Patterson Hood of the Drive-By Truckers. They helped to shape his career and get him started on his own.

Eventually, he went his own way and released a solo album in 2007. However, it wasn’t until 2012 that he began to see large-scale success for the first time. In 2012, he won Song of the Year for “Alabama Pines” at the Americana Music Honors Awards. Since that time, he has been nominated ten other awards, winning half of them. Just last year, he won two Grammy’s for his 5th album, “Something More Than Free.”

His band, “The 400 Unit”, has been by his side since the beginning. They have a wonderful way of working together and creating top-notch music together. These days, the group is busy with a large tour schedule that will continue on throughout the rest of the year.

They will hit spots like Shreveport, Toronto, Akron and Madison, WI. Many of those dates, they will be accompanied by Amanda Shires, Isbell’s wife, or Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls. The tour wraps up in mid-November in Copenhagen, Denmark. Check out the full dates, here.


Photo by Sisters Dissonance Ady/Shan, CC 2.0, 2013, via Flickr.


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