Macklemore is back like he never left. About a month ago, he posted an adorable photo of his daughter, Sloane, with the caption “GLORIOUS. THURSDAY. ;)” Fans were left to speculate whether or not this meant Macklemore had new music coming, and they were not disappointed. Two days later, he dropped “Glorious,” featuring Skylar Grey. Not long after that, the music video was released and it was so heart-melting and so Macklemore that you couldn’t help but smile while watching. His glorious adventure with his 100-year-old grandmother, Helen, was family goals at its finest. You can read more about the video here.

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Now, Macklemore is back to his old Instagram tricks. He recently posted a photo that is half-complete, with the caption “Dropping another track this week.” The half of the photo that we can see shows Macklemore perched on the trunk of a car. Perhaps he’s taken a road trip? The orange border contains the letters “ALADE,” which we can assume is the latter half of the song title.

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Dropping another track this week⛵

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This has led to a lot of fan speculation in the comments, some jokingly attributing the title to “orange marmalade.” Another suggests that album will be titled “Marmalade” and the track is called “Grandma’s Toast” – a reference to the music video for “Glorious” featuring Macklemore’s grandmother. Honestly, we wouldn’t put it past him to create a track called “Grandma’s Toast.” Macklemore can take the most mundane things and infuse them with the “cool” factor, “Thrift Shop” being the most obvious example.

Others hope that Kesha will be featured on the track. This could be because his former collaborator, Ryan Lewis, has been working closely with Kesha on her upcoming album, “Rainbow,” with hit singles like “Praying.” You can read more about that here.

While we continue to speculate, I’m sure Macklemore is having a good laugh while reading the comments on his Instagram post. We’ll be waiting to see which predictions come true when the track drops this week!


Macklemore has recently posted via Instagram the full photo of the track, which will be dropping tomorrow at 9:30am. Looks like those who guessed “Marmalade” were correct!

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