Lynn Gvnn of PVRIS gave Thirty Seconds to Mars the introduction they deserve! Front man Jared Leto emerged on stage sporting a red cape, a “hipster beard,” and an electrifying energy. Leto’s stage presence is undeniable, resulting in an incredible live performance where everyone in the audience is made to feel special.

It’s easy to forget he’s an Oscar winning actor, but when he starts interacting with the audience, you realize just how much his acting career influences his charismatic performance. At times, it feels as if he’s giving a stand-up performance- he has the audience wrapped around his finger, captivated by his words and his voice.

Despite the large venue, the performance feels very intimate. At one point, Leto jumps right into the crowd and performs an acoustic version of “The Kill,” impeccably timed with a gorgeous summer sunset. He remains one with the crowd for a surprisingly long time, also performing the high energy “Kings and Queens,” surrounded by waving flags. By the end of his performance, he brings out a Canadian flag and gallivants across the stage with it.

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Moment 1 // Toronto

As part of the magical, intimate atmosphere Leto creates, he lets the audience in on a special “secret.” Actually, there are two secrets. Leto reveals, “there are a lot of secrets going down in Toronto tonight.” First, the band’s fifth album is in the works and it will be arriving “soon.” Second, they want the audience to sing part of their new single as part of an “experiment,” to add to the pre-recorded gospel choir for the track.

Fans reeled as they processed this news, and before we knew it, we were singing “ohhhhh” as he conducts us- as if we were a true professional choir. Whether or not this recording will make it to the final cut of the track remains to be seen, but Toronto fans will all keep an ear open for their voices in this highly anticipated upcoming album. He also dropped another hint that he will be returning to Toronto “very soon,” hopefully to perform some new material.

Leto describes their new sound as “acid jazz,” but of course, this may have been in jest. He also points to a girl in the audience and jokes that the last time they released an album she was probably in kindergarten. All jokes aside, it’s true that it’s been four long years since their last studio album, “Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams.”

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Moment 2 // Toronto

Last month, Leto teased the album with this trailer, so this reveal may not have been too much of a secret. As Billboard puts it, “Leave it to a Jared Leto-fronted rock band to tease a fifth studio album like a fifth installment in a summer blockbuster action series.”

Keep an eye out because #marsiscoming.



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